Best Vascular Surgeon In Dubai

Best Vascular Surgeon In Dubai UAE

Best Vascular Surgeon In Dubai UAE

Peripheral vascular surgery focuses on caring for blood vessels outside the brain and heart. Here’s a closer look at what it involves:

  1. Blood Vessel Blockages: This includes treating blockages in blood vessels leading to the brain (such as in the neck) or arms. For instance, if you have a narrowing in your neck arteries, a peripheral vascular surgeon can address that.
  1. Aneurysms: Surgeons handle aneurysms in the major artery that starts at the heart and extends through the abdomen. This includes identifying and treating areas of swelling or weakness in these arteries.
  1. Leg Blockages: For those experiencing blockages in the arteries of their legs, which can hinder walking, peripheral vascular surgeons provide crucial interventions.
  1. Vein and Lymphatic Issues: The specialty also covers issues with veins and lymphatics, such as chronic leg edema. While these chronic conditions are not curable, surgeons offer management strategies to improve daily function and quality of life.

Peripheral vascular surgery is vital in enhancing patients’ overall vascular health, enabling them to lead more active and comfortable lives despite their chronic conditions.

Understanding When to Refer Patients to a Vascular Surgeon In Dubai

Hi everyone, I am Dr. Ashkan Haghshenas, Consultant in Vascular and Endovascular Surgery at Swift Day Surgery, Dubai, UAE. Today, I want to address a common question: who should be referred to a vascular surgeon In Dubai?

This question frequently arises both from the medical community and the general public. Many assume that vascular surgeons in dubai only treat varicose veins or handle vascular access work. However, our scope is much broader.

Unlike other specialties such as neurology, cardiology, or oncology, which have distinct medical and surgical counterparts, vascular surgery encompasses prevention and treatment. For example, a medical oncologist treats cancer in oncology and refers the patient to a surgical oncologist if surgery is needed. Similarly, a cardiologist manages cardiac issues and refers the patient to a cardiothoracic surgeon when surgery is required. In vascular surgery, however, we manage both medical and surgical aspects.

We aim to see patients at risk of developing vascular diseases so we can implement medical management or lifestyle changes early on. When surgical intervention is necessary, we handle that as well.

Who Should Be Referred to a Vascular Surgeon In Dubai?

  1. Patients over 50 years with diabetes, especially those at risk of developing diabetic ulcers or diabetic foot. They should be assessed for vascular health.
  2. Unexplained limb pain: Patients experiencing unexplained pain in their lower or upper limbs should be referred for evaluation.
  3. Abdominal pain with uncontrolled hypertension: Any patient with unexplained abdominal pain coupled with high blood pressure or incidental findings of aneurysms or dissections should see a vascular surgeon.
  4. Confirmed vascular conditions: Patients diagnosed with aneurysms, dissections, lower limb ischemia, acute ischemia, or diabetic patients with chronic limb ischemia require vascular interventions.

The Life and Career of a Vascular Surgeon

As Dubai’s best vascular surgeon, we truly care for the whole patient, operating on the body from the neck to the toes. This specialty is incredibly comprehensive, and once we perform an intervention, we often form a lifelong relationship with our patients.

Vascular surgery is unique in that it combines both open and endovascular procedures. From getting your hands dirty in open surgery to performing minimally invasive endovascular operations, the diversity in procedures is one of the most rewarding aspects of this field.

One of the most satisfying parts of vascular surgery is the ability to perform life-saving interventions with minimally invasive techniques. For instance, fixing a 14-centimeter aneurysm with a stent graft and sending the patient home the next day is incredibly gratifying.

Vascular surgeon in dubai is involved in a wide range of procedures, making each day different and exciting. We deal with various parts of the body, and the variety keeps our work intriguing. The latest technology in the field allows us to use custom-made grafts designed specifically for each patient’s anatomy, and some of us even collaborate with industry to help design these innovations.

While vascular surgery is an intensive specialty, it also offers wellness and professional development opportunities. Many programs provide up to two years of protected time for research, which can also be used for personal development. This balance allows us to maintain a fulfilling personal life alongside our demanding careers.

The potential for growth in vascular surgery is significant, and there is a growing need for specialists in this field. Vascular surgery is one of the top five specialties in reimbursement, and with an aging population, the demand for our expertise is only increasing.

In addition to performing surgeries in Dubai uae, we collaborate with other healthcare professionals and surgical specialists. This teamwork is vital to providing comprehensive care and adds another layer of satisfaction to our work.

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